Memoirs of a Young Cat. Chapter 9: Home is where your human is


Human evolution is a process that was possible thanks to human-pet relationship. Sometime after their brain started to develop, the early hominids realized that in order to survive they need a superior companion, a cat and/or a dog. In this context, no wonder we are considered family members!

Today it’s raining in Flowerland. We cats are known for fearing water, so I started thinking about how blessed I am for having a warm home… . And also wondering how many cats are out there protected and loved by their humans.

When looking at the worldwide pet ownership data, one can see that the top countries for both cats and dogs are Brazil, China, Russia and the United States of America. However, the Americans are leaders in both categories, with 74 million cats and almost 70 million dogs.

Here’s a short collection of fun pet facts from around the world:
*New Zealand has the highest rate of households owning a pet (not limited to cats and dogs, though): 68%. I propose to change the country’s name to New Zooland.
*Romania, my homeland, is the world’s most balanced country: 45% of households owning cats and 45% owning dogs.
*The “World’s Safest Country” award goes to Australia, where 92% of cats and 76% of dogs are kept indoors. I know, some of you might think “Oh, poor animal”, but I assure you all pets around the world love to feel safe.

Let’s have a closer look at the leaders in pet ownership, the United States.
*Americans spend over $50 billion per annum on their pets.
*60% of US households have a dog and 47% a cat.
*9 in 10 Americans consider their pet to be a family member. Humans at the University of Waterloo, Canada have published a study on this topic, called “Dogs, Cats, and Their People: The Place of the Family Pet and Attitudes about Pet Keeping”.

When I was a kitten, my human and I used to live in rented, weird, small and smelly apartments. And it was a nightmare to find a new place, because people are intimidated by superior species, like cats and dogs. That is why most landlords, at least here in Romania, don’t rent their apartments to people who own pets. It is so unusual to advertise a rental as pet friendly that listing websites don’t even have that filter. Thank Bastet, my human now owns this place and we don’t have to move again! I don’t know about other pets, but cats are definitely not fans of moving around from one place to another.

There is a saying, curiosity killed the cat. Being a cat meowself, I could not help but wonder what is the situation in the United States? What’s the state where we could easily find a pet friendly rental?

So I started my virtual journey to find this out. The states with the saddest people in US are Utah, New York and Washington, because only 33%, 54%, respectively 56% of the available rents are pet friendly. At opposite poles, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont are 100% pet friendly. But there’s a catch! Maine and Vermont are also amongst the states with the lowest number of available rents. Maine has only 6 availabilities and Vermont 11.

But where in US can we find the happiest cats and dogs?

Florida is indeed a nice place to retire: it has about 11K available rents, out of which 99% are pet friendly. Even though California’s pet friendly availabilities only reach 90%, it offers about 600 more options than Florida. And the state with the highest number of pet-friendly rentals, with 24K options is meow-meow-meow-meow TEXAS!

The American dream is not a myth! With an average of 94% pet friendly rents, the United States seem to be a purrrrfect option. Before moving, however, keep in mind the banned dog breeds and the terrible declawing policy!

I dream of a pet friendly world!

Last, but not least, let’s listen to some good ol’ Texas country meowsic:

Black Cat Rag, Willie Lane


Author: Tisavia, the Siberian Cat

Just another meowsome cat page! „I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” (Hippolyte A. Taine)

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